Dlink routers come with the most advanced technology as they are built especially to match the latest high bandwidth demanding online activities. Like any other router, Dlink routers are also configured using the web interface which can be opened using the dlinkrouter.local web address. A user needs to visit the web management page to make the adjustment with the settings of the router.

Know About the Features of Dlink Router

With dlink router, a user enjoys optimal bandwidth within their homes on multiple devices. Dlink router setup is not difficult but performing the process can be a little tricky. The initial dlink router configuration requires a user to set up a connection between the networking devices.

Instructions for Initial Dlink Wireless Router Setup

  • Unplug your modem from the power source.
  • Place the dlink router into an open place.
  • Attach an ethernet cable from the ethernet port of the modem to the WLAN port of the router.
  • Plug in the power cable back into the modem and connect it to the power source.
  • Take another ethernet cable that will connect your computer ethernet port to the LAN port included on your dlink router.
  • Plug in the power adapter to the dlink router and connect it to the power source.
  • Verify that the power LED and internet LED are lit. In case, the power LED is blinking or not working it means that the router is not receiving power.

Mydlink Login using dlinkrouter.local or dlink Router ip

Dlinkrouter.local and provide you easy access to the dlink router. To make the adjustment to your router, you need to navigate to the dlink login page. once you enter dlink router ip or dlinkrouter.local into the address bar of the browser it will take you to dlink local admin page. you need to fill up the mydlink login credentials to open the dlink admin page. In order to log in to dlink router, you must be connected to the wireless network. You will not be able to sign in unless you are not connected to dlink network.

Dlink Router Login with or Dlinkrouter.local

Dlink router login is one of the easiest tasks. Simply, enter dlinkrouter.local web address and fill up the mydlink login credentials, when required. Check out the following steps to understand the process broadly.

  • Get on to a device that is connected to dlink wireless network.
  • Open up a browser and look for the address bar.
  • Enter dlink login or dlinkrouter.local. it will redirect you to the dlink router login page.
  • A small login window will pop up on your screen.
  • Fill in the mydlink login username and password into the required columns.
  • You will successfully be redirected to the dlink setup wizard.
NOTE: If you don’t have knowledge about the login credentials, look for the printed label at the bottom of the device. You will see the device information written over there. Note down the whole information because you will need this at the time of the dlink router process.

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Dlink Router Default Password Change

This section will walk you through the process of changing the default password of dlink router. You need to access dlinkrouter.local local page to change the dlink router login password.

Changing dlink Router wifi password via dlinkrouter.local

To change the dlink router wifi password, perform the following steps.

  • Log into mydlink login panel using dlink router ip or dlinkrouter.local.
  • Enter the dlink router login credentials on the login window.
  • On the dlink wireless setup page, click to the ‘Wireless’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the Wireless passkey, under the ‘Wireless Security’ option.
  • Input a new wifi password for the dlink wireless network.
  • Change the wireless network name for your dlink network.
  • Save the changes to apply the new settings.

How to Update dlink Router Firmware Manually?

Manually update dlink router using mydlink login web address dlinkrouter.local or dlink router ip To update dlink router firmware, follow the basic instructions mentioned in the below section:

  • To update dlink router, you need to download the latest firmware first. To do this, visit the dlink support website and download the latest file.
  • Login to dlink router setup page by using the web address and login credentials.
  • Navigate to the dlink admin page and click on the ‘Firmware’ option.
  • Click on the ‘browse’ option to locate and select the downloaded file.
  • Upload it to the dlink web interface.
  • Wait till the firmware update takes place.
  • Once it is done your dlink router reboot to apply the changes.

How to Connect Dlink Router to PC?

To perform the dlink router configuration, you will need to get into the web management of the router. For that, it is important to connect your dlink router to PC. Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect the dlink router to PC.

  • Connect the dlink router to the modem with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • Next, you would be required to connect the dlink router to PC. To do this, you can use a wireless or wired method.
  • For the wired method, take an ethernet cable and connect its open end to the dlink router and other end to the ethernet port of the computer.
  • For the wireless method, click on the ‘Wifi’ tab on the computer. Find and click on the dlink network. To connect, enter the dlink router wifi password. You can find the dlink wifi SSID and password on the label of the device.
  • Finally, you can log into dlink setup wizard using mydlink login.

Dlink Router Troubleshooting

If you encounter any below-mentioned issue with your dlink router, you can contact our technical experts. They will help you resolve the issue within minutes.

  • Dlink router setup failed
  • Dlinkrouter.local not working
  • dlink login failed to open
  • mydlink login not loading
  • Change the wireless channel on dlink router
  • How to enable WPS on dlink router?
  • Dlink setup failed
  • Unable to log into dlink router
  • Changing ip address on dlink router
  • Configure MTU settings on dlink router
  • Dlink router factory reset
  • Configure QoS/ Traffic control settings on dlink router