About Us

The website is created to help the non-technical users to configure and set up their D-Link extenders. People who do not have much technical knowledge often find it difficult to install their extenders by themselves. We understand the pain and agony of such users and that’s why we have created a website dedicated to D-Link extender setup. The website includes step by step instructions to make the installation and configuration easier for the users. Through this website, you will understand the working and installation of D-Link extender in an easy way. We have used simple words and easy language to make you understand the setup process of D-Link extender. All the aspects regarding D-Link extender are covered on the website. You can find the solutions for almost any issue that you might encounter with your D-Link device. Our focus is to provide quick and easy solutions to the layman who might not be completely aware of the working and configuration of D-Link extender.