Dlink Dir-655 router common troubleshooting experiences you can encounter and how to quickly resolve them

dlink router login

    To be stable online requires the very best of a strong internet connection. Dlink dir-665 is one of the best wifi routers that has been designed with advanced technological features. This will give you the best online experience that you could ever want. But what happens when the firmware needs an update? To know the steps involved in the dlink dir-655 firmware update, keep reading.

    You can manually update your dlink dir-655 firmware within a few minutes. That can be done through the official dlink router address - mydlink.com. Once you are logged in to this website, you will be able to begin your firmware update procedure.

    Update your dlink dir-655 firmware manually

    Before you begin to follow the update steps, it is required for you to download the latest firmware from the support website. You should download it on the computer you will be using. If the file is in a zipped form, you will need to unzip it for the update process.

    • To begin your dlink dir-655 firmware update, you have to log in to the dlink setup page through the default web address. Make sure you know the login details of your dlink router account.
    • Next, go to the d'link web configuration page, find the firmware option and click on it.
    • Once you have accessed the firmware, from the options to upload the new firmware file displayed, click on browse.
    • Your computer storage will be displayed and from there, you can select the latest firmware file you have downloaded.
    • Once you click on the file, clock on “open”. It will be uploaded to the setup page
    • Click on update
    • Once your update is completed, go ahead and click on “finish”
    • Once your update is done, your dlink dir-665 will restart to apply the update.

    How can I activate dlink dir-655 access point mode with no complicated steps?

    Is your house or office facing some serious internet challenge? You can quickly activate your dlink dir-655 access point mode to beat all the connection barriers. Follow the simple steps below to begin the configuration process:

    • Plug the router into a power source
    • Connect your computer to the LAN port of your  router
    • Open the browser on your computer and type in the default IP address- into the address bar of your browser. Press enter to load the page.
    • You will be redirected to the login page. Input your login credentials. Type “admin” in the username box and leave the password blank.
    • Click on “enter”. If you have already changed your default username and password, you can go ahead and input those.
    • Next, you click on “advanced” and after that, click on “advanced network”
    • If the “enable UPnP” option is enabled, disable it.
    • Click on “save settings”
    • Click “set up”. After that, click “network settings”
    • Check the “Enable DHCP server” checkbox and disable it.
    • Click on “apply changes”

    How to change your dlink dir-655 default password

    Automatically, as part of the way the router has been programmed, it comes with a default password for accessing the setup page. While doing the setup, you are advised to change your login credentials for security purposes. Below are the quick steps on how to change your dlink dir-655 default password:

    • Open your browser and access the login page through
    • Or you could use dlinkrouter.local
    • Log in with your default username and password
    • You will be redirected to the dlink router setup wizard page, find the “admin” tab and click on it
    • Find the default password and set a new password.
    • When satisfied, click on “apply changes” to save changes

    When applying a new password, you have to keep two things in mind. First, the password has to be very hard for a stranger to decode. Do this for security purposes. Secondly, it must be easy for you to remember or note it somewhere.

    How to do a d-link dir-655 factory reset

    Making a dlink dir-655 factory reset is one of the easiest things to do. You don't have to be bothered about any complicated technical step. Note that all the personal changes you have made to your router will be wiped off as soon as you initiate the reset program.

    Things to note down before reset

    • Username and password of your router
    • Username and password of your wifi
    • Any “port forwards” that you have modified
    • And any more important changes that you have made to your router to personalize it

    So let’s get into the dlink dir-655 reset with these easy steps

    • Ensure that your router is powered all through this reset process
    • At the back of the router, you will find a small reset button
    • Press and hold it down for about 10 seconds
    • After 10 seconds, release the reset button
    • Automatically, the router will restart itself
    • Once the restart is done, your router is now back to its default setting. You have completed your dlink dir-665 factory reset.
    • Wait after some time before you begin to set up the router

    If you find out that it did not work, leave it to rest then try pressing the “reset” button again. You want to make sure that the router is powered. By that, it is recommended you plug your router o a power socket since it’s not a rechargeable router.