Reset D-link Router

How to Reset Dlink Router?

Resetting your router should not be your first option to solve any technical problem that arises with your Dlink router. As a matter of fact, before you how to reset dlink router, ensure that you have tried other troubleshooting solutions. Because a larger percentage of those technical problems can be settled with easy troubleshooting tips.

Nevertheless, if you have tried them and it has not changed the situation of the router and its network. You can proceed with resetting it. Needless to say, if you need the best and simple guide on how to reset dlink router, you have just landed on the right source for that.

Follow through with the guide and in the end, your router will be a brand new one. 

Note this, you should note down all previous settings on your router before you reset it because after you reset, all your data will be wiped off your router. 

Why should I reset my Dlink router?

What could be the possible cause of technical problems with your router? Well, the good thing is that when it comes to routers the cause of the problem is not difficult to identify. And there are always solutions for them that users can quickly apply. So if you want to know when it is good for you to reset your Dlink router. You can see a list of possible reasons to reset your router.

  • You can reset your router when you are unable to login to your login page through App, default Web Address. This means that if you are unable to access any of these three login means to reach your setup page, your D’Link is set for a reset.
  • Another reason is when you forget your password. There is no way you are able to access your admin page if you are not able to login. And to login, you require the password. 
  • Lastly, you can reset your Dlink router when you cannot seem to update new firmware on your router and network. 

A quick guide on how to reset dlink router

In order for you to achieve the result of this reset process, ensure that you do not skip any part of the steps. It is important for you to know that the process is very simple and it will not take much time as well. 

  • Unlike setting up your Dlink router in which you have to start by turning off your router. In this case you have to turn on your Dlink router. So find the closest electric outlet and plug in the power adapter of your router into it. 
  • Next, in most cases, you will always find the reset button located at the back of the router. If the reset button is not protruding outward, then you have to get a firm object to pin it down. Else you can also use your hand to pin down the reset button. 
  • Pin down button for 10 seconds. Also, use a timer if you not able to count by yourself. Once the 10 seconds are complete, you can let go of the button. 
  • Subsequently, wait for 20 seconds. This is the time it takes reset Dlink router 
  • Lastly, you will notice the WLAN LED starts to blink, which means the reset has been completed. And your Dlink router has now been restored back to the factory default settings. Means you set up your router from scratch to get it working again.